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A tribute to Justin Bieber? Sue in New Directions? The return of Emma? Looks like "Comeback" will be a winning Glee episode, that's for sure.
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"I gotta get that girl on ma cherios"... LOL I love you sue... I sooooo wanna see a Shelby Corcoran/Sue scene how epic would that be. Shelby would toatally put Sue in her place.


Wow . Sue joining Glee club ? Really hope that's not permanent. And why is everyone hating on Justin Bieber ? I think he's really good and it sounds like Sam does a great job of covering his song . :)


Are you kidding me???? JUSTIN BIEBER???? poor Sam he had to sing that sh*t =(

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Will, you have more grease in your hair than the guy behind Wikileaks?


I'm committing Sue-icide.

Sue's journal