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Rachel, im gonna give you some tough love right now. You're not a trendsetter. When people look at you, the dont see what you're wearing, the see a cat getting its temperature taken, and then they hear it screaming.


I wants on them froggy lips, and I want on them NOW.

Santana [to Sam]

[to Sam] Despite the fact that your mouth to face ratio is way off, you still somehow manage to be cute.


Rachel: As our team leader and arbiter of all that is good, I must say: I don't think that song is good enough for regionals.

I'm giving you full visitation rights to the twins that reside on my rib cage.

Santana [to Sam]

Sam: That's my James Earl Jones impression.
Santana: That is offensive. He shot Martin Luther King.

If I was a country, my flag would be a big fist giving the rest of the world the finger.


I look hot and smart. I feel like Michelle Obama.


If I hear one song from that classic rock outfit journey, I will start pulling catheters.

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