CSI Promo: "Willows in the Wind"

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This is it for Catherine. The character bids farewell to CSI on the episode previewed here.
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I loved the opening eecusnqe with the prolonged, systematic butchering of stag by the Tywin the Lannister patriarch extremely unsubtle but somehow very-satifisying-because-of-it metaphor/herald of Robert's demise.I also liked reinforcement of the "consequences of inbreeding theme": Not only did house Targaryen inbreed their dragons (perhaps because once in Westeros they had too little stock) but they inbred themselves resulting in.. the mad king, and here we have Cersei defending the same obviously flawed technology and we already see the results, the "purity" that is Joffrey (shudder)!

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CSI Season 12 Episode 12 Quotes

DB: What tipped you off?
Ms Kitty: Honey, in that neighborhood, the only suit a man wears under a trench coat is his birthday suit.

This is you're crime scene, but this is my call.