Don't Deceive Me Clip

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A clip from the February 3, 2011 episode of Grey's Anatomy. Mark seems pretty stoked about the baby. Lexie may not be.
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dang it! i wanted lexie & mcsteamy to get back together! now its ruined! :(


We allllll know whats going to happen! It's going to be the Mark loves that he has a baby when it was ADDISON, HIS DAUGHTER, and now CALLIE.......he's just going to be dissapointed and lexie and mark will fight and break up. surprise surprise........


"Cause I'm in love with Lexie and it would be.....OMG! Lexie. What am I gonna tell Lexie?"
I know it's not a funny situation....but that was so funny!!!! lol


Now we know that mark is okay with it but i dont think lexie is going to be okay with...

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Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Episode 13 Quotes

Doctors practice deception every day — on our patients, on their families. But the worst deception we practice is on ourselves. Which is why sometimes it takes us a while to realize that the truth has been in front of us the whole time.


How the hell did you get me in this position twice?!