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True Blood fans must take two minutes out of their schedules and watch this trailer for season three. It's extended, and fantastic!

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i cannot wait to watch this season!! i'm really excited, sooo excited


This is so amazing! I can't wait for Alcide they picked the perfect guy for him!!!


OMFG! this season looks so amazing! it looks like they are putting a few extra twists in, which is good, i mean the original story is great but i think alan ball is awesome! I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!! yay more Eric & yay no Bill! i'm sorry for whoever likes bill, in the show he isn't so bad but he's just down right annoying in the books.

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True Blood Quotes

Eric Northman is nothing if he is not pure fucking sex on a throne.


Eric: I've tried trusting, I've tried sharing and it's just not fucking working for me. Now are you with me or not?
Pam: Oh I am so fucking with you.

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