Gossip Girl "It Girl Interrupted" Clip - A New Serena

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A sneak preview of tonight's all-new episode of Gossip Girl, "It Girl Interrupted." Serena plots creating a new Serena.
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truthfuly I say tell her the truth, because hosetny really is the best thing people can share.I know she may get upset or hurt but regardless if she find's out without you telling her she will not trust you anymore and that would hurt lot's more.Over the years the way I decide to tell the person im seeing something or if I should do something or not, I go by what I would want him to do to me.If you two are older now im sure when you tell her hey this has been on my mind, but back in high school I dated girl b, it wasnt anything serious but I felt like it's best you know and found out from me because I dont want you hurt. good luck

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