Gossip Girl Fashion Recap: It Boy in a Onesie

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Last week’s Gossip Girl episode, “It Girl, Interrupted,” brought many unexpected surprises, but probably none more exciting than the one, bold-hued piece of fabric covering our beloved Mr. Bass.

Yes, Serena’s coat was a mosaic stunner, and yes, that Oscar de la Renta on Blair was the epitome of pretty, little, princess for the last time, but that onesie ... was priceless. Enough said.

Onto our weekly Gossip Girl fashion rundown ...

Chuck Bass Onesie

We usually don’t recap the fellas, but this time we’re making an exception. If you thought there was a rift between the two ships, then you haven’t seen the twitter sphere buzzing with rants and raves over this amazing getup of our favorite usually suited boy billionaire. Chuck traded his pinstripes for a zipper and his oxfords for Uptowns in a bold red hooded onesie to play basketball with Nate. Magnificent.

The man can do no wrong. Well, except for the orange trench coat in season 2; that was bad.

Actual Onesie: OnePiece Red Jumpsuit

Serena in Leopard Print

It’s nice to see Serena get a little embellished every once and a while. Though her all-American look is beloved to her character, let’s not forget her rise to fame was partially due because of her fashion sense.

The mosaic collar paired with the leopard was a sure kill—mixing and matching never hurt anyone.

Actual Trench: Gryphon Mosaic Beaded Embellished Trench

Actual Necklace: Melanie Auld Designs

Steal Shirt: Pencey Standard x Jessica Hart Concert T Shirt

Steal Skirt: Parker Pleated Leather Skirt

Actual Bag: Diane von Furstenberg Zebra Harper Bag

Steal Bag: Tory Burch Adalyn Clutch

Serena in Black

Another party, another sleek and slim black dress for Serena, before it all came off for the lingerie show.

Actual Dress: Zara Jacquard Dress

Steal Dress: Eight Sixty Art Deco Sheath Dress

S in Stripes

After the “Serena” became the “Lola,” Serena decided to regain her hold on what’s rightfully hers - It Girl status. And so she did, with a little stripe, a lot of ruffle, and a python peep toe booties that say “your just a passing trend, Lola ...I am the real thing.” - XOXO, GG 3.0

Actual Sweater: Crumpet Sparkle Striped Cashmere Sweater

Steal Sweater: Juicy Couture ¾ Sweater

Lola and N

Cozied and cuddled in red and suede Louboutin booties made Lola look like the “people’s It-girl; someone that’s relatable” ... exactly what she wanted. 

Actual Shoes: Christian Louboutin Belle Zeppa

Steal Shoes: DV by Dolce Vita Paloma Bootie

Actual Bag: Romygold Danielle Hobo

Steal Bag: Tory Burch Amanda Flat Hobo

B in Floral Print

Who’s gorgeous, confused, and pink all over - a befuddled Blair Waldorf, that’s who. Looking  ery color coordinated she achieves this look with poise and grace during her last hours as a princess.

Actual Dress: Peter Som Orchid Dress

Steal Dress: Halston Heritage Bow Tie Flare Dress

B princess

And finally, Blair's stylish swan song as a princess ...

Actual Gown: Oscar de La Renta Strapless Gown


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Chuck in that onesie, it makes me smile when I saw this scene.
I don't like Serena first dress in the episode.
Blair was simply gorgeous in that all pink/purple look!!


That onesie was hideous... Chuck looked like an overgrown Teletubby.


Oh, Chuck. You precious thing you. Only YOU could pull that onesie off have it be "good funny" not "bad funny." (I laughed out loud til tears came--and I NEVER do that.) God bless you, Chuckster, and your GG stylist, too.


and the winner is chuck ! he looked like a f** teletubby haha
I usually like B style more but this time S did it better for me!
and why is lola there ? ...


Whatever put Serena she always looks great. From a single piece of black swimsuit, till golden dresses for Kotilion Ball in a season 1, Serena always looks divine and enticing breath of men. Therefore, Serena and Dan should be together, because they are the cutest couple in love!


Serena in lingerie was the best part of the epidose.


OMG, if the devil and little red riding hood had a baby boy, it would look like Chuck in that onesie.


Blair's pink Oscar De La Renta dress was perfect for her and Serena looks great in anything the best thing about G.G. is the fashion and Chair

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