Gossip Girl returns April 18. It's going to be an epic night.

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ABSOLUTELY LOVE DAIR!!! They have some awesome chemestry. I want more Dan and Blair please!!


I don't want to get my hopes up too much but I refuse to believe that it is a coincidence that Dan & Blair are the only couple in GG that has had a real build up. Four seasons worth of it...


Here's my rank 1. NAIR !! Still hope this couple will finally be together in the end (although this might be the hardest thing to happen T_T)
2. DAIR ! Never thought they can be more than friends and it's kind of cute~~~ :D
3. Prince Louis & Blair : The Queen have to be with the King, right ?
4. Chair . . . is enough for me, too much for it. Don't match them together again, although they can still give some entertainment to the audience.


Dair FTW!!!


yes exactly, dair is so boring.. bring on the chair! @derneamustbetogether -lily - i know dan and blair together just makes it exciting because chuck gets jealous


haha. i'm so amazed i just mixed up english and german. the "ich" menas "i"


ich fuckin love dair! and i think that's the most amazing thing happening since chair 1.0!


why all tells ..blair and dan is perfect couple ..they are not
i wish the writers of gossip girl understand that chuck and blair must be together


I hope Chuck and Blair will be together!! They should be because they love each other!


Dair is really PERFEEEECCCT!i've waited for this to happen for a long time!to Chair fans:don't worry,we all know,in the end,they are goin to be together!they meant to be together!!!Hoping for season 5....we WANT SEASON 5!

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Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 18 Quotes

As with any journey, who you travel with can be more important than your destination.

Gossip Girl

Nate: You okay?
Raina: It's surreal. Everything happening to Lily is because of my dad, and I kind of feel like it's all my fault.
Nate: Look. It probably woulda happened sooner or later anyway.

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