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A sneak preview of "It's a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World." Chuck and Blair have a conversation about losing Lily ... psychoanalysis or not, she makes a point.

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was that a hit at blair at the end or some type of warning that hes going to help her get into columbia?




They have to get back together and I want a hot scene like Victor/Victrola... when they hooked up in the limo for the first time it was like watching electricity... I remember me and my sisters and all our guy friends (who love the show and come over to watch it every week but "pretend" they just want to hang out with us) were like yelling at the tv it was so hot and shocking!


They need to get back together! they obviously still love each other! i mean how could they now?!?!?!? yes im happy blair is taking control again or trying to but god damn they make the best couple ever! they need to stop looking in the past and get back together they are made for each other.


LOL good morning sunshine;)


its cute you can see not much has changed Blair still wants to help him and he refuses to be helped! I love the way that he looks at her it's like this look of craving like he's addicted to Blair but he has been since Victrola lol i miss Chair but i love how Blair has grown as a person and gotten her backbone again


oh,come on and make out already you know you want to,we all know these two are still very much in love but chuck loose the freakin whores man,love chair ,chair forever.......


love their banter.. :p they must get back together.. :D


ohh what an insult " maybe if you were at an ivy, you'd have better insight"

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