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Dan and Vanessa

The couple agrees to keep certain things off-limits for discussion, completing forgetting that their little disagreement over the Tisch spot was precisely because they kept secrets from each other.

As expected, things blow up because Vanessa does not tell Dan of an internship in Haiti that will take her away for three full months.

Serena vs. Jenny

Serena inviting mom's ex-husband to breakfast with her new family does not go over well.

Serena telling Rufus that Jenny is "the problem." Does not go over well either.

Serena returns to the condo to take her old room, now Jenny's, then pouts when she didn't get it.

Clearly these two are feuding up a storm, but that's nothing compared to Rufus and Will, as Rufus tries to bar him from getting an apartment in the same building.

Serena learns that Rufus did this and sides with her dad. He begins to feel estranged in his own family as a result. When Lily's neighbor outs Rufus' visits to Serena, things get even more awkward.

Eric is far from shy about telling William he sucks, but they make progress at the end.

The result: Lily, William, Eric and Serena bond over hot chocolate.

Jenny makes a startling discovery though the oddest means about Lily's meds, and sets out to enlist Chuck.


Apart, Blair still makes an effort to psychoanalyze Chuck and tell him to go visit Lily, while Chuck sends an application to Columbia for Blair. She gets in, which is what she really wanted all along, even as she awkwardly pretended it was the case.

Even when they're not together, they're always in each other's hearts. Very sweet.

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iseriously think that blaire and chuck should get back together and so should nate and serena..as for lily..i don't really care. her life is anyway complicated and much more meseed up than her daughter...


the song in the end of the episode is by Massive Attack called Paradise Circus...it's not listed on the site....looove Massive Attack and looove GG


serena and nate should be the love interest of this show, the swept us of our feet! besides nate has done sooo many things for serena he should get the price and it's a waste to put it into nothing! the viewers love those two! enough about the constant sarcasm of chuck and blair sooo high school.


CHAIR! Not Dair (dan + blair)


Chuck and Blair neeeed to get together, like PRNOTO! if they don't I can safely say I will NOT watch Gossip Girl again...ok, going a bit too far there, but theyre my favourite characters and they BELONG TOGETHER!
Serena? Yeah, used to like you, but now your turning into a bit of a spoilt bitch to be honest,
Jenny, Meh, who are you? What roll do you play? Apart from Dans lil sister, lol. Its just like shes got no purpose, someone new should be introduced, she neeeds a bf.


Sooooooooooo cute the thing between Chair in this episode...Like a little step up to get back together!!


Well it finally took long enough... but with the past 2 episodes it appears that Gossip Girl is BACK! Maybe it took Blair and Chuck breaking up or Serena and Nate finally realizing what a selfish lying b!tch Jenny really is... or the prospect of Vanessa going away but the stars have aligned and Gossip Girl is getting good... of course there is one episode left this season but at least they are setting us up for a strong(ish?) Season 4. I was very disappointed in Blair this season but girlfriend is really coming back in these past 2 episodes. Thank goodness! I like how she is maturing and growing and still being Blair Waldorf. Yay she's going to Columbia! Now maybe they can leave the NYU crowd downtown. BTW, Vanessa has been looking horrible these days... maybe the "trauma" of breaking up with Ed is hitting her hard. But thank goodness the writers are getting it right and rewarding us for putting up with this past season. Keep it up!


Damn, Blair and Chuck deffinitely should get back together.
Otherwise, gossip girl has no purpose.
i just loooooooooooooove these two .


I just realized that Blair has a new cell phone, a blackberry. :( I miss the red one.


doesnt anyone get this? Chuck's way to mourn is by sleeping with everything that moves!

Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

I had a buddy that went to Exeter, and the stories he told would make Keith Richards blush.


[on her apartment] In a post-war building on a street that's not even numbered? It's lettered. And its big selling point is that it's above a falafel stand.


Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 20 Music

  Song Artist
Salvation Salvation Scanners iTunes
Song Forever Young Last Gang
Song Let's See It We Are Scientists iTunes