It's a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World Sneak Preview #3

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A new sneak preview of "It's a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World." Serena and Jenny have it out. It's gonna get ugly.
Nina loving bc

I thought that was awesome. I hope Jenny dies. Too bad she got her contract renewed. :(


i havent even watched this clip yet, but from wat i see, jenny is rufus' CHILD!!Of course he prefers her!!


Okay, what the fuck? Serena's being a mega bitch. Yeah, she has a right to be mad at Jenny. But she basically stomped back into the apartment and decided to take out all of Jenny's clothes. She expected to be able to move back in to a room that wasn't hers anymore. Seriously? She didn't even ask Rufus. Come on, guys. THAT'S unfair.


Does anyone know when Rufus will understand that his girl is not exactly who he thinks she is and make her regret for her bitchy behaviours :@


That really isn't fair of Rufus, that was Serena's room. He would have made Serena move rooms had Jenny come back and Serena was staying in her old room. And again I think Serena is right, she may had left a dress behind but that's when you send it back to her later or get her to pick up the dress. You can't just take something because it was left. Also Serena has a right to be mad at Jenny. The fact that she didn't tell Rufus about what was going on shows that she was correctly following the girl code.


omg , i love it , cant wate to see what happens :) ,... but i do hope they make up b4 jenny goes away

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