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JJ. That's the title of AJ Cook's final episode of Criminal Minds.
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I do not understand why a network would want to mess with a show that works because of ALL the people in it. I am very disappointed but know it doesn't matter to the people that " be". JJ was such an important part of the show. It is a very disturbing show and she brought a real compassion to it so that you could handle the ugly stories that are too real. The actress was perfect and I don't know if I will like it now.


What a bad idea to get rid of her! Not only is she beautiful, she's SO talented and adds so much to the show. I dont think Criminal Minds will be the same without her and wouldn't be suprised if the ratings dropped. She's one of the originals and has stuck with them for 6 years, having a baby and everything and now they just toss her aside? What a joke. AJ / JJ - you will be missed!!!


I think it is a big mistake to get rid of JJ. She is a great asset to the show. This show works! Why are you messing with it? Bring JJ back! The characters work well together and are interesting. The network does not need to change the characters. Why ruin a good thing. The rating are great, we the viewers want to see Criminal Minds with JJ as a part of the team.


Why are they firing JJ off of Criminal minds. She is a biggest part of this show. Can"t believe it is true.

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Criminal Minds Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

(Reid grabs a bottle of antacid from Prentiss' desk and takes one)
Prentiss: Again with the dairy?
Reid: I can't help it. I love dairy.

Prentiss: I don't think it's about the case.
Garcia: Do you know something?
Prentiss: Do I know something?
Garcia: She just repeated the question. You always say that's a sign.
Morgan: Do you know why JJ's in there?
Prentiss: I have no idea.