Hotchner and JJ
A.J. Cook and Thomas Gibson in a photo from the September 29, 2010 episode of Criminal Minds. "JJ" bids farewell to A.J. Cook.

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Such a perfect couple! I so hope that they bring them closer together throughout the season...and possibly more? ;)


was Will Wheaten in this episode when JJ leaves?


j.j. is strong and feminine and smart. her boss aaron, doesn't want her to go, she doesn't want to. her boss's boss straus,is all about her and makes no bones about it. as long as straus looks good it doesn't matter who is left in the wake; she claims it's over her head and she is not going to lose her job because of it. strause is by no means a team player, j.j. is the heart and glue and keeps all of them together with her level head. hotchner has lost a lot already, she is trying to kick him while he's down, he keeps true to his beliefs,then they take a strong, brilliant woman who "straus thinks doesn't knows her true value *meaning a.j. is not smart she then threw the money card, assuming it she would jump to it,with prestige and j.j. still refused". strauss tried to sandbag her. at the end, j.j. had no choice. i think j.j. knows exactly what she's doing, she was offered it before and turned it down...i consider this free will, one wouldn't do that to a man, second guess, and if they did; it would be in the oval office, or someplace as inundating,to get their point across; no question of strauss' animosity toward hotchner, the President never called or wrote her, who knows how much is true, straus just said that it came higher than she. Straus has been trying to break up the team, why not start at the glue that binds them together. i considered "jayne atkinson" an excellent actress with a stronger backbone; however, as 'straus' she's just another marionette.this just shows women get pushed around. straus knows 'the team' works,she's just saving her own skinn or it's her idea initially. straus' role is weak, i expected more from her, not just vindictiveness. i would like to see j.j. stay, God forbid a 'team' work. maybe they should learn something from this. not many people are happy with their position in life and to throw her child in was just downright unacceptable. j.j. turned it down twice. did not tell hodge and felt that would be the end of it for now.this would not have happened to a man, and j.j. being pretty with brains never hurt the cause this works because of everybody leave it alone.
i was impressed with her departure, no tears, and hodge saying he will leave the job open gave me hope. they all are the glue.
i am writing this with ten of my friends, but you only allowed me to include two. not one of us is happy. isn't it the audience you want fulfilled? i've watched every episode more than once, since the beginning, they have all grown and they all will cover each other's back, something 'straus' won't. i hope jayne atkinson will live up to her reputation and have a final say in all of this. us jayne's must stick together, i believe as a "JAYNE" we are few and far between, we are a force to be reckoned with. just tell me what needs to be dond, and i will do it.jayne atkinson is a great actor and i hope that this is one of those times that and you bring back j.j. I have never, ever, written to a show,the cast is complete, let it be. it couldn't have gone this long without it working. some people are just finding their way to it, let them grow to love it, as I do. Let It Be. I would like to think there is hope forthe show and j.j. and it actually gets read, feel free to answer.

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Criminal Minds Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

(Reid grabs a bottle of antacid from Prentiss' desk and takes one)
Prentiss: Again with the dairy?
Reid: I can't help it. I love dairy.

Prentiss: I don't think it's about the case.
Garcia: Do you know something?
Prentiss: Do I know something?
Garcia: She just repeated the question. You always say that's a sign.
Morgan: Do you know why JJ's in there?
Prentiss: I have no idea.