Jonas Fisch Auditioning For Gabriel

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Actor Jonas Fisch auditions for the role of Gabriel on Gossip Girl.

Well he took part in Angels and Demons


The accent is maybe cause Gabriel... is a an european guy in the show..... not american????????????????? He s not that bad, but i don t like him for this role, i think there are better options... :)


what is up with his accent? he sounds like he's speaking french with a speech impediment.. creepy 2


he's ok. m sure he and serena will have great chemistry working for them


if serena gonna hook up with any exotic accent speaking gguys PLZ PLZ not let him be this GREASEAYY ACTOR a hot guy would be nice for a love intrest for serena plz? not this sleazy 40 year old guy


i dont rlly like him... hes a little weird...


wow... I think he displays a wide range of stuff and would be very interesting to see in the show... different and good looking!


okay.... this guy scares the heck out of me. please, please, please don't get the part!!

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