Make Me Wanna Die (Acoustic)

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Taylor Momsen's band in an acoustic jam. She's pretty good, we have to say.

dai ma non si può dire che questa è una cantante... sembra perennemente strafatta e ubriaca... per di più, ha una voce da tranvione!!!


does anyone know a man with nail polish??


Chuck ruined Blair and Chuck. Sure, Jenny didn't help much. But it's not like she put a gun to his head. And it's a show, people. What Jenny does is scripted. It's a role. I haven't like Jenny this season, but I have never met Taylor and have no idea what type of person she is. And I'm sure most of you don't know, either. Learn to seperate the person from the character.


she`s good!!!..!


OMG!!! she sucks... she has a terrible voice and she is one of the worst singer I've ever heard!!!! Leighton is much better!!!


this is actually pretty good. and as far as the raccoon make up, i mean at 16 i went through this phase too. give it time lol.


wasn't as bad as i expected, actually.
could've been better if she didn't sing depression songs, let alone wear makeup like normal people..


some of you are sad. I like both Jenny and Blair, and I like both Taylor and Leighton. It is accepted to like more than one person /character you know. Also, even if IYO Jenny ruined Chair or Taylor wears too much make-up, in what ways is it related to Taylor's music abilities? God...I love her music, she is extremely talented, and I prefer her stuff to Leighton's. I love Leighton, but her music sound so... prefabricated, like any aspiring pop star could sing it. Taylor's stuff sound alot more personnal and real, but I guess I'm biased cause I love rock music!


LOVE THIS!!! She's extremely talented... :)


i love taylor... she's different and deep, i do miss the old happier jenny though...but i love her music still

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