NCIS Promo: "Life Before His Eyes"

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CBS' promo for the 200th installment of NCIS. "Life Before His Eyes" shows Gibbs playing "What if ..."
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Y.Bilman,Don’t spoil it! The spiurrse will be golden. Enlist a co-conspirator instead. (or two or three) If you can find a mutual friend or family member to help push through the final stages I know you’ll be able to complete it. Most of your friends or family will gladly lend a hand when they know what the cause is.

Sue ann

Mark Harmon was just on Craig Ferguson's show, and said that anyone watching the show tomorrow for the first time won't know what the heck is going on. Speaks well for those of us who have been obsessively following it since the pilot on J*A*G. We're going to get treats. Muse Watson, Shannon, and Kelly are treats. Ari, not so much. It should be full of inside tidbits. Maybe we will even get a new rule to fill in a hole in the Rules List!

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