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CBS' minute-long preview for the Season 10 premiere of NCIS. "Extreme Prejudice" airs September 25.

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    can you please tell me when we are going to be able to see season 10 in the united kingdom. thank you.x


    When is season 10 coming to the UK?


    Wow...talk about a tearjerker....I can't wait for season 10. :D


    I don't see McGee either after the blast scene. Gibbs does say in the preview, "He has hurt my family"...maybe they are messing with us NCIS diehards. Sean M. is the nephew of the producer. So, I don't see a firing, but maybe a shifting of some sort. Best show on air bar none. 9/25,I'm ready.


    Yay!I am first to comment! What do you think will happen? Also, not to alarm anyone but where is McGee?