NCIS Season Premiere Clip: The Hunt Is On

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The first clip of the NCIS Season 10 premiere has been released, and the action picks up moments after the explosion orchestrated by Dearing rocked the agency's headquarters at the tail end of last season.

Emerging generally unscathed, Gibbs sees that Abby is as well. The look on his face says it all.

Before he can go find the rest of the team, however, Vance and Navy Secretary Jarvis are already planning their big counterattack. No one does this to the United States Navy. The manhunt is officially on.

The episode airs Tuesday night. Watch the opening minute and a half of "Extreme Prejudice" below:

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@LOU You can refer back to S6, "Cloak" and "Dagger" episodes. Lee was eventually able to prove that she was indeed being set up and/or blackmailed in exchange for the life of her kidnapped niece, Amanda. But she paid dearly for "playing along".


does anyone know if Agent Lee ever got caught ?


I though I put Vance name sorry I know she dead but I would like to see these bring Jenny back up maybe have Tony flashback to Judgement Day


ncis is my fav show, it has gotten better each season to the point it is the best now, i can see it going on way past season 12 even. ive had my ups and downs about tony over the years, but this past season i really like the pick for gibbs, curtis is a great choice and i really hope she stays on, up till no the others have not held a candle to curtis, so stick with this, dont ruin it. margaret


sorry I forgot to space after the I


great Scene, Iagree with Michael it does seems to me Vance is having flashbacks from when he was hurt back in season 8 they showed may not be over then left at they never addressed, I wonder if they adresseing now I hope so I want Vance to have a good storyline.


Hope they have kept the team together


Do you mean Vance or Gibbs?


Was it me or did leon look like he was having a flashback to when that bomb went off in the safehouse


Secnav Dirty?