NCIS 'Squall' Promo

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The promo for next week's NCIS, "Squall." We will finally meet McGee's father.

Aarrrrrgh sucks to stay in the UK :/ this Episode looks really good


Anyone who is a fan of McGee has been waiting to see this episode for years. I just hope they did it right and don't make McGee to be the wimp who will not stand up to his father because he is scared too.

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NCIS Season 10 Episode 19 Quotes

Admiral McGee: My relationship with my son is none of your damned business.
Gibbs: You make him think he's nothing. You're the one with nothing.

McGee: Boss do you think I made the right decision with my father?
Gibbs: To be the bigger man? Maybe it's time he learned from you, McGee.