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A Navy doctor is murdered during a storm at sea, on a ship under the command of McGee's father, Admiral John McGee (played by Jamey Sheridan).

Tim has to decide whether to continue being a Big Brother to a little boy who's being bullied at school.

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I wasn't very satisfied with the episode for some reason. A jerk of a Dad is a
jerk even if he is an Admiral and him being sick doesn't make him less of a jerk.
Tim is the better man for sure.
I also loved Gibbs laughing at Tim's choice of movie.


Excellent episode.

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NCIS Season 10 Episode 19 Quotes

Admiral McGee: My relationship with my son is none of your damned business.
Gibbs: You make him think he's nothing. You're the one with nothing.

McGee: Boss do you think I made the right decision with my father?
Gibbs: To be the bigger man? Maybe it's time he learned from you, McGee.

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