Once Upon a Time Promo: "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter"

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Can a character in Storybrooke escape his cursed life? Watch the ABC promo here for the Once Upon a Time 2011 finale.

omgggg,i seriously cant wait,i really really really hope that the sheriff and emma get togeather finally iv wanted them togeather sence the first episode.but wat i really wont why emmas crying? if u really look at her it looks like shes looking or holding somebody when she looks down,but i sware if graham dies i ant watching it anymore. @Rama
i hope that doesnt happen either:p


Hopefulli the sheriff doesn't die, but if he remembers than the Evil Queen can't let him tell others.
Or maybe it's not him because that would be the obviuos answer.


I really hope that the sheriff does not die..I don't want OUAT to end up like lost, where they killed one after another all my favorite characters till i stopped watching...I enjoy this new show too much...


Oh darn, I wished that I didn't saw this promo but on the other side, it makes want more! Sheriff Graham remembering his fairytale counterpart by kissing Emma? Whew, I hope that it isn't some trick with scenes, and we will finally see Snow White's escape from The Queen with The Huntsman killing a wolf.. I do not hope that Emma must kiss everyone in Storybrooke to have them remember the truth *laughs*

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You don't get emotional over men. Uh, the floral abuse tells a different story.

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Your bad judgement is your problem, not mine.