Promo: They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?

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OM3. The Gossip Girl threesome is upon us. Who's in? Who's out?

at 12 second there is Jenny in a red dress, but I have not seen this scene on the episode..And you?
I apologize for my english, I am italian.. :P


If you watch it closely, the person in the green dress is more likely to be Georgina than Jenny, since Jenny is wearing a completely different dress that night. I would laugh if the threesome is Nate, Serena and Tripp. Haha. See? I'm already laughing.


I read that it won't involve Blair or chuck somewhere. I think it was an E! anyway. I think it will be Dan/Olivia/Vanessa.
And that Trip and S sleep together and when Trip says it was a mistake, he means sleeping with S, because he has a fiance. And for some reason I get the feeling that Jenny and Nate might wind up scantly clothed together.


i think it will be Olivia, dan and vanessa or so i have heard


i think it might be serena, blair and trip vandervault cause hes in the second promo and you can hear him at the end of both promos


ok look at seconds 11-12 you can see the darker skin so its vannessa i dont know who the other girl is


OMG! possibility of Nate/Jenny/Chuck? oh yees xD

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