Good Serena
Serena has been trying hard this season, but that hasn't been enough to impress her friend Blair. Will their fight continue this episode?

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i dont care i like Serena.. she is nice n damn pretty!!!!


Serenaaaaa all the way!


someone argue with me...or stop arguing, its stupid!!!! its a, every girl on it is a whore if it were real life (in my opinion anyways) but on TV whatever! thats what makes it good


S looks gorgeous.


You stupid, stupid Blair fans. ChuckYou, I'm with you. BLAIR ISN'T A WHORE? SHE SLEPT WITH NATE'S (HER BOYFRIEND)'S BEST FRIEND!
Wtf is wrong with you? Seriously? Grow the hell up and get over your biases.


wow i like her hair

I love you

dark hair really suit blake but serena... she's the tall flowing blonde girl who towers over evryone

Avatar one has answered my question. Did she dye her hair? Or is it the light playing tricks?


Oh and another thing.
Yale accepts many students. Surely if Blair was as great as you all say they would have given her another spot instead. There was more than one spot open. It wasnt down to Serena or Blair. Blair missed out because she hazed a teacher.
And Blair saying Serena killed someone and calling her a drug addict in poison ivy, is not being loyal. Who outs their friends deepest darkest secret for person gain? Not Serena that's for sure. She never told anyone about Blair's bulemia or dobbing her in for when she first slept with Chuck.


Serena isn't a whore. So what if she has slept with more than a few people. So has Blair!
On the show Serena has been with Dan, Nate, Gabriel and Carter. (I'm sure there was more we havent, seen but that therefore is all circumstantial). Also she was in a relationship with 3 of those guys and while yes, Nate was with Blair and what Serena AND Nate did was very wrong. They were both in love which each other. It doesnt make it right. But it also doesnt make it a fling. Blair has slept with Chuck, Carter, Nate and Jack Bass.
When she first slept with Chuck is was for revenge and comfort and she deliberately kept it from Nate.
Carter was a random fling. Jack Bass was both gross and a random fling and Nate was a relationship.
So neither girl is an angel and Blair has made some bad mistakes regarding sleeping around too.
I mean.... Jack Bass. The love of her life's FREAKIN UNCLE!

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Have I not impressed upon you how important tomorrow night is? It's my debut in society. I have to be perfect, and that means having the perfect escort.


Have you been so busy you've forgotten what time it is? Let me give you a hint. Couture and cutthroat competition. It's time for Cotillion.

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