Revenge Promo: Who is Under Arrest?

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An arrest is made on Revenge this week, as the fallout from Tyler's murder is the focus of "Scandal." Watch the official ABC preview now.
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Hi Brian, Thanks for this work you are doing. I have one small niggardly thing auornd shadow that I believe is relevant here. Shadow is certainly things that we have rejected. However the shadow is often seen as the less salubrious aspects of our personality. Sometimes this is true. However often it is more simply about areas of our functioning that have been avoided or not paid attention to rather than avoided or rejected. And these areas are often to do with what is and what isn't avoided/rejected/frowned upon by our culture, our community our family or our peers. So one person might reject their capacity for poetry because in their family this was considered not part of being a man. Another person might reject hardness and decisiveness because they lived in a culture where the opposite was valued. I make this point because the areas that are seen as shodow are so often, and I believe incorrectly, named as "dark" things or things that we have ruthless repressed. Thus the shadow is all about the area that Forbidden Planet visited. Our inner desired to kill, rape, beat, be full of revenge, be sociopathic, ruthless, self interested - which can also be true as these are culturally usually rejected (unless born into a war torn culture such as the Sudan or Eritrea) when as often he shadow is about areas of self acceptance, acceptance of others and a whole slew of areas that are really usually seen as "light" areas. Anyway I am relating to your initial intro and this may all be covered in which case I beg mea culpa as this is a short response in the short notes section. Cheers Peter in Brisbane, Australia


I love this show, it is one of my FAVORITES..

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Revenge Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

Life as we know it, Victoria, is over.


Tragedy and scandal it seems have a unique way of clarifying people's priorities.