Revenge Round Table: "Scandal"

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With no new episode until April, Revenge left fans with plenty to ponder last Wednesday night, specifically the identity of Tyler's killer.

Are TV Fanatic staff writers Christine Orlando, Leigh Raines and Dan Forcella satisfied with the reveal of the beach murderer? That's just one topic they debate in the following edition of the Revenge Round Table. Gather around and join in now...


What was your favorite moment from the episode?
Christine: Definitely Nolan calling Amanda the "homicidal stripper version of whack-a-mole." It was hysterical and accurate. Just when you think you've gotten rid of her she pops right back up.

Leigh: I was happy to finally see what happened on the beach. We all had our predictions and finally got that flashback.

Dan: Yup, stripper whack-a-mole it is! Way to lighten the mood, Nolan.

Revenge RT - depreciated -

What are your thoughts on Ashley leaking the photographs so that she could step into the spotlight?
Christine: Ashley's out for Ashley. She'll do anything and step over anyone to get what she wants, so posting a few pictures for her own greater good was no big deal. I'm more interested in seeing what Nolan does with this information.

Leigh: Not at all surprised. She wanted to put in the hard work as an assistant and get her feet wet event planning. However, it wasn't what she thought it would be and being somebody's bitch gets real old real fast.

Dan: I was definitely more surprised than you two. I understand that she has been out for herself this entire time, but she seemed much more unassuming to me. I always found her a bit too innocent to attempt something like this.

How would you have gotten rid of that bloody hoodie?
Christine: Burn the damn thing and dump the ashes in the ocean. It's the one thing that could easily link Jack back to this mess and he and Declan can't seem to figure out they need to get rid of it. The Porter boys aren't the brightest.

Leigh: Definitely burned it. Why is Jack holding onto it? I just want to scream at him. HELLO!!!

Dan: He is so dumb. Has he never watched TV before? This is definitely going to come back to haunt him. I would have bleached it, cut it into pieces, then burned it and finally dumped the ashes into the air from a plane.

Why did Takeda kill Tyler and frame Daniel?
Christine: He killed Tyler because he was going to out Emily's plan and Daniel had already shot him. Takeda holds no loyalty to Daniel. He thinks Emily marrying him is a bad idea and seeing the Grayson's beloved son sent to prison for a crime he didn't commit has a nice symmetry to it, don't you think?

Leigh: Even if Takeda didn't agree with Emily's plans for vengeance, she is still his student and he will protect her. He knew Tyler and Amanda had to go. I think framing Daniel was just a happy accident for him. Speaking of... where's Amanda?

Dan: Yeah it all makes sense, but I'm still having a tough time wrapping my head around the fact that both Takeda and Emily have such an easy time leaving death and destruction in their path.

Who will Emily save: Daniel or Jack?
Christine: She'll try for both, but it will be probably Jack, which I find disheartening. Daniel really didn't do anything wrong. I've never felt a connection to Jack. I wish he'd take Nolan's advice and head off to Haiti.

Leigh: She will try to save both but beyond that I'm really not sure. Emily is unpredictable.

Dan: Of course she will attempt to save both, and while I think she won't save both of them herself, both Daniel and Jack will end up alright in the end. They need to drag this love triangle on for a while longer.


Is the show really ending after 2 seasons? I love this show and look forward to Wednesday nights now. Please don't take it off the air. To many boring shows on, this one has fresh ideas and leaves you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next. Please make more episodes!!


do not like Daniel, he is weak and spoiled. He is a child, as Jack is a MAN,HIS brother is not a good person for this show. Poor Jack being fooled by the fau Amanda, I hope Takeda got rid of her for good. I think Victoria will find out about Emily but needs to keep it to herself because of her perjury in David's trial, and because Charlott is Emily's sister and finding out what she did to Emily and their father. Conrad should be the one that pays, after all the people in his life don't care about him. Victoria, Charlott, and Emily don't care about him, maybe Daniel will join them, but I doubt it. If Victoria is so concerned about money she should encourage Daniel to Marry Emily for her loot.


I think Jack will go through some disillusionment.


I want to see what happens when Jack finds out that Emily is really Amanda and Amanda is Emily. Will he still love the girl he thinks is Amanda?


The thing about Ashley I don't understand, Victoria ASKED her to find and trace Daniel's "bloody" pics and she SAID she's contacting Nolan Ross and she really WENT THROUGH with it fully known that Nolan will find out it's her leaking the photos to internet? Did I misunderstand something or Ashley is too stupid for her own good?


Anna...I take it you are using the names Amanda and Emily for those who are pretending to be each of those,not the real ones?...pretend-Amanda's fate is supposed to be revealed in the season finale (6 episodes from now).


Am I the only one who prefers Emily with Daniel and Amanda with Jack?? I hope she can save them both! And where is Amanda? I want her back ASAP. Plus, I'm really hating Takeada right now. Why did he have to frame Daniel who did nothing wrong? He should have let him die with that one shot that couldn't get him convicted since it was self-defense!


1. Anything Nolan. He has the best lines,the best reactions,and is the best scene stealer.
2. Not surprised. Not interested. Wonder what Nolan will do with her though.
3.BURN IT AND DUMP IT!!! Ugh,these porter boys.
4. Tyler was the biggest nuisance and ut never should have taken so long to extinguish that problem. Daniel, Emily, and Nolan lost kudos for letting that guy wreak havoc as long as he did. Sensei is removing distractions.
5. She'll go fir both,suceed at one but both will be ok.


I knw that emily will get the revenge she wants! Shes a smart gal and daniel may find out whats going on but either way i thnk he will forgive emily and they will make it. Jack is dumb


1. Nolan joke about Amanda. Who couldn't like that joke.
2. It been hinted more than once that she wanted the spotlight the Graysons got so I am not suprised.
3. Burn it is the logical thing to do.
4. Takeda have two people to frame so Emily would not stay off course because she will have to make a choice. Daniel or Jack so he knew what he was doing.
5. I am pretty sure she will save Daniel and Nolan will save Jack even though I wish the Porter boys head off to Haiti together because they are boring.

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