Revenge Return Trailer

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Revenge returns with the aftermath of Emily's shooting on January 5. Watch the official ABC teaser now.
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i think its emily's new plan. She doesn't have amnesia and she wants it this way to regroup even though it means lying to the most important person, that is, Nolan at least for now.


If Emily has amnesia, will she also forgot about her father and why she was seeking revenge in the first place? If Daniel starts to take care of her and they truly fall in love, that will ruin the show for me. And what will Aiden do now that the plans for their secret marriage be thwarted? And poor Jack. And Nolan. So many men in her life that will be affected. Will the truth never come out about the Graysons?

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Revenge Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

You give me enough time and I will make the toilets flush in Morse code.


Victoria: Do you get off causing innocent people pain?
Nolan: I will let you know if I meet anyone innocent.