Revenge Review: Who Am I?

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Revenge certainly made a splash with tonight's return! Badumchhhhhh! (Get it..a splash...Emily fell overboard...okay, moving on.)

Emily's alive and suffering from amnesia, and while I thought I was going to hate every bit of this, as it turns out, I don't. This amnesia story line just turned Revenge on its head, and while there are parts of it I find incredibly contrived, I definitely don't hate it.

Revenge Season 3 Episode 11 started a new chapter for this soapy series.

Jog Her Memory

"Homecoming" picked up shortly after the Revenge winter finale left off. Emily's disappearance has been reported and the Grayson family and wedding guests were being taken to the police station for questioning. Conrad threw around "I was Governor of this state!" to which I added a mental "yeah, for, like, 5 minutes!" 

But Governor he was, so he strong-armed the police into sending more helicopters up to look for Emily. The choppers weren't necessary, however, because of Emily's tracking-beacon wedding garter. (So many jokes about runaway brides happening in my head right now.)

Aiden located Emily on a fishing boat and she asked him to take her away from there. She begged him not to send her back to the Graysons. 

She KNEW who he was.

I don't understand why Aiden had to find her at all. Aiden and Nolan still could have read her file and thought that she was faking the amnesia story and planned their mission to get her out of the hospital only to find out she wasn't actually making it up. They still could have said "Jack! You're the only one who can save her!" Which is basically what they said.

Which brings me to peeve #2 of the amnesia story.

Emily's amnesia - and Niko, the doctor-slash-assassin from Aiden's past who is still carrying a torch for him - exist solely to push Emily back to Jack, and hey, I'm not exactly complaining since I think they're end game anyway. But did we really need amnesia to do that? No. It's as unoriginal and farcical as Conrad thinking he had Huntington's earlier this season.


Jack finally visited her in the hospital after Emily told Charlotte that her father's name was David Clarke with such conviction that it "freaked" Charlotte out. Jack gave her a talisman of Fauxmanda's and a kiss on the forehead and suddenly Emily remembered that Daniel had been the shooter, a conclusion at which Jack, Nolan, and Aiden had already arrived thanks to Margaux's holding back of the photos timestamped immediately after the shooting.

Victoria, Daniel and Lydia were the only people missing from the pictures. They knew where Victoria was and probably didn't even know Lydia was on the boat, which meant they immediately deduced that Daniel was the shooter.

After tonight, he is my least favorite character on this show. He didn't seem at all bothered by the fact that he shot a human. AGAIN. Maybe the fact that this is his third time trying to kill someone with a gun has just hardened him to it. Maybe he's just a sociopath. 

I know! Let's blame it on the ah-ah-ah-ah-alcohol. 

And to think that the only reason he wanted to confess was to keep Victoria from going down for him? No, NO Daniel Grayson! Emily may have lied to him and broken his heart, but his mother has still done worse. If he's going to confess it should be because he feels guilty for nearly killing another person, and not because he needs to save Victoria.

Because the truth is that Victoria doesn't need saving.

She always has a plan B. And plan C, D, E, F, and G just in case. And when those fail, she has Patrick, who chose his team tonight.

The Patrick-Nolan entanglement is a sticking point. When Patrick revealed that he knew a little bit of Nolan's history with Emily and Emily's plan for the Graysons, Nolan should've moved the Double Infinity box immediately. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200. MOVE THE BOX, Nolan! Especially given the fact that Patrick was IN HIS HOUSE unannounced and uninvited. 

Now he and Victoria are planning a takedown of their own, which is probably the best thing the amnesia plot has given us. None of us want to see Emily taken down, but you kind of have to admit there's something intriguing about the thought that Victoria and Patrick will be dishing out the revenge while Aiden, Nolan, and Jack team up to protect an out of commission Emily from the likes of Victoria.

I mean, she got rid of Lydia with no trouble at all and is once again the reigning Queen B-iatch of the Hamptons. It's pretty awesome to think about where everything and everyone goes from here.

Despite my Daniel-loathing, I found myself feeling almost sorry for him after his spat with Conrad, because what he had to say to his father was pretty true.

You don't think I've sacrificed? All I have ever done is sacrifice for everyone and I have lost the one person who meant anything to me, who never lied to me, who loved me!


He has sacrificed everything for those around him. For those he's loved. Time and again, he keeps losing. He's always been a means to an end and that realization had to sting. The Conrad-Daniel argument was, in my opinion, the best scene of the night because it felt the most real. And that's something we don't get enough of from Revenge.

What did you think of Revenge Season 3 Episode 11? Are you excited to see where the show is going for the second half? Will Daniel Grayson ever be a respectable human or is he just doomed to being horrible by virtue of being a Grayson?

How do you feel about the amnesia story?


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I hate to say this, but I think the writers are going to go the GSA route with Victoria and Patrick. Genetic sexual attraction. If you are not around someone from ages 2 to 6 top experience the Westermarck (sp) effect that imprints someone as family and remove sexual attraction, it makes your brain unable to process them as off limits. Worse, the more similar the people are, the more they feel like the other person is their soul mate and are inexplicably drawn to each other. Messy but tall stuff. Happens in up to half of blind adoption reunions!


cant wait to see where it all endzzzzz


I love revenge i was hurt when Emily got amnesia i no this just tv show i wanted to jump in the tv th help her...yep writer thumps up good job i cant t wait to wach nextt epoisde....


Please don't force jack & Emily on us. So cliche and contrived. Belong in Disney!!


I can't see anyone but Jack with Emily. She doesn't love Daniel. Her and Aiden just feel wrong, like if she is using him and he seems such a puppy for her.
Jack on the other hand, doesn't accept everything she does, he challenges her, he question her means. So I see more potential in that relationship.

@ Cece

even if she loves aiden, he always puts the "mission" first ,thats something jack wouldnt do ever, daniel is destine to be as unhappy as his parents.

@ Cece

Don't agree with you hear. Show runner has said Emily love Aiden!!!


Really .... the writers are going to root this fairytale
I mean I watch OUT and it's more reasonable than this Jemily thing
Emily is way stronger in personality and even Physically than Jack
Jack needs a town girl who could settle down a take care of his child don't get me wrong that's not a bad thing for most woman but not Emily.
she is strong , wild , warrior and she needs someone equals if not more . I'm rooting for Aiden even when I know the writers will made Jack /Emily end came

@ sandy

Ditto, I love her with Aiden, he brings out that strong, warrior side of her that I like the most, he loves her for who she really is, he understands her need for revenge, and he has been by her side every step of the way. They deserve to be with each other, but this show pretty much made it clear from the beginning that it's gonna be Jack and Emily who end up together. I just don't understand how we can go from Emily saying I just wanna be with you to Aiden while practically dying to the completely thrown out of nowhere Nico and Emily finding an all new appreciation for Jack because he helped her remember. I just hate that they are ruining Aiden by a cheap shot and lousy writing -.- I think a much wiser and a lot more surprising storyline would be if she actually let Jack go or vice versa, 'cause at this point I don't really know whose heart stands where.


please!!! enough with the childhood puppy love!!! I can't believe the writers took the amnesia route to promote jack. These two were just kids playing one the beach. Fairly tales belong in Disney! They make Aiden & Daniel look bad at Jack's expense. Jack drains the energy from the screen. If this continues I am out and I am not alone!


I hated the idea of the amnesia SL but thankfully it was not too long winded. I knew they'd use it to reconnect that 'fairy tale' love - Jack kissed her head and poof she was able to remember - please!!! I agree that Niko is meant to be the plot device to derail Aiden & Emily, for me the only proper rooted romantic option for her but no one is happy for long on thus show - let's throw the Jemilys a bone of hope that their destiny is written in the stars and fluffy clouds. I hope the later time slot means we can ditch all this fairytale nonsense.


I'm pretty sure that Em's amnesia is caused by whatever the asian chick is giving her. She wanted to give her the next shot when Charlotte and Jack arrived, because she was interrupted her dose was too weak and she started to remember stuff!


Funny how Danny can make you feel sorry for him with his usual Jedi mind trick... by simply whining and relinquishing any semblance of personal responsibility... FOR ANYTHING. lol He's on his 3rd attempted murder to date!

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You give me enough time and I will make the toilets flush in Morse code.


Victoria: Do you get off causing innocent people pain?
Nolan: I will let you know if I meet anyone innocent.