This may be the greatest karaoke performance in TV history. Watch Jeff and the Dean do their thing on an episode of Community.
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Community Season 6 is coming to Yahoo. Check out the first teaser now!
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In this preview for the upcoming episode of Community, "Comparative Religion," Jeff stands up to a bully (Anthony Michael Hall).
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Hilary Duff and a couple other mean girls get served, behind their backs, in this clip from Community. It's courtesy of the episode "Aerodynmaics of Gender."
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John Goodman is coming to Community. Get your first look at the actor, screaming at Dean Pelton, in this promo for the premiere.
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This clip from Community aired after the episode technically ended. In it, Troy and Abed make their hilarious case for switching study groups.
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Joel McHale leads a great cast of Community. This NBC sitcom premieres in the fall of 2009.
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When is Troy and Abed in the Morning being made into an actual show?!? Come on. Who would not tune in to this everyday?!?
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I need help reacting to something.


Why name your daughter Megan? Are you stocking up for a bitch shortage?