This clip is courtesy of the fourth season finale of Dexter. In it, Arthur barges in on his family.
Rating: 3.3 / 5.0
Viewers will see a whole new side of Dexter on season five of this Showtime hit. In this preview, we get an idea of how he'll deal with Rita's death.
Rating: 3.0 / 5.0
This is a clip from "Slack Tide." We could seriously watch John Lithgow and Michael C. Hall square off for weeks at a time.
Rating: Unrated
Dexter gets the call about last week's bludgeoning during this clip from "If I Had a Hammer." Deb, meanwhile, is still dealing with her shooting.
Rating: Unrated
Does Deb die? Will Lundy survive? This is a promo for the Dexter episode "Dirty Harry."
Rating: Unrated
In this clip from Dexter, our favorite killer visits Trinity's home. He witnesses a few "cracks in the perfect family."
Rating: Unrated
Dexter Morgan is under a lot of pressure on season three of Dexter. This video preview explains.
Rating: Unrated
Michael C. Hall discusses Dexter being a father for the upcoming season four of Dexter at this weekend's comic con.
Rating: Unrated

Dexter Quotes

Deb: (excitedly) A baby? a motherfucking rolly-poly, chubby cheeked shit machine? Are you kidding me?
Dexter: I've never heard it described in quite those words before, but yeah.

[narrated, in reference to Doakes] My devil danced with his demon and the fiddler's tune is far from over.

Dexter Morgan