Fringe goes all romantic on the episode "A Short Story About Love." Watch a sneak peek from it now.
Peter is on his way to the bus station in this clip from Fringe, when Walter tells him to return. Why? Watch and see.
"It's like I've known him my entire life..." Olivia expresses a great deal of fear in this Fringe clip from the episode "A Short Story About Love.'

Fringe Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

Nina: As for your feelings about Peter, all wounds heal over time.
Olivia: I just wish it would move a little quicker.
Nina: Well, that's a coincidence, because we just filed a patent on that last week.

I'm in love with Peter. I know it sounds absurd, and to you I hardly know him but, it's like I've known him my entire life. And everyone, including him, keeps telling me it's impossible.