Scorpion is a drama headed to CBS. Meet the genius and his team behind the series now.

Scorpion Quotes

I've loved you since I can't remember when, and I'm going to love you until I can't forget how. Will you please marry me?


Toby: What I'm about to say is not fueled by emotion or the worm I just swallowed. It's fueled by my love for you. You, Walter, are a gigantic ass.
Walter: Pardon me?
Toby: You are so obsessed with keeping this team together. To attach some meaning as to why you are the way you are that you are willing to sacrifice love for it. I'm going to make it easy for you. You're a genetic fluke, so freaking what? It doesn't matter. What matters in life is love! And mine just walked out the door. I'm dying inside. I would do anything to make her come back here and say yes, and you, jackass, you pushed your love out the door to spend the weekend with another man! A big, sexy, muscled, Navy Seal man! Comprende, 197?