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Watch Jax confront Clay in the hospital this week, as Sons of Anarchy wraps up an incredible fourth season. It's the official promo for the season finale.

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I think LaRoy is gonna die.....like alot.


okay... here we see gemma walking into clay's hospital room. he doesn't have a breathing mask on, and his (or someone else's?) cut is lying on his chest... and do i see blood at this throat? and can we really connect that whole thing to the scene in the promo where jax closes the blinds - and clay is still wearing his mask - and then him pulling the knife on him - clay's not wearing his mask there. i mean, it'd make sense, only i'm having trouble believing jax is seriously gonna kill clay. for whatever reason. first time i saw the promo with clay and the cut layin on his chest i thought it was jax's cut that he'd left there without killing him and walked away to get tara and the kids and get the hell out as long as he still can (which he can't at this point, i'm pretty sure). well, we'll see. i'm guessin romeo's "bad intel" is just a convenient means to push the sons into a trap. where'd all the rumors about romeo being a fed come from? that doesn't make any sense. that's just as likely as alvarez being a fed, or, hell, i don't know, tig..! geez, i think EVERYBODY is a fed and this whole show ain't got nothin to do with MC's in the first place. and potter is john teller. i mean seriously people. and i can't effin see this season ending without a cliffhanger dammit. sutter just said that so it hits us even harder.


bye bye clay i hope do your daddy proud jax an slice that piece of shit from ear to ear


Gonna be worth the watch.. Great show people!!!


why do i feel like jax ain't really gonna kill clay? and that's an awesome song in that promo.

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