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One major surprised changed everything on the Sons of Anarchy season finale: Romero revealed that he's been working with the CIA and needs the deal with the Irish to go down. And the Irish will only deal with Clay.

As a result, Jax could not kill Clay, but he could take over as President of the club, relegating Clay to background status. Tara also chose to stay by his side, while Gemma appears to have lost her standing in SAMCRO.

Elsewhere: Eli and Potter worked together to let Juice go free, while we learned the father of the girl killed when Tig went rogue last week is a major gang player. Opie was also not present in the chapel during the concluding scene, as he tries to decide what to do.

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I'm reading your blog, but I have no life, so maybe I don't count. Seriously thoguh, you two sound perfect for each other. I hope to find a good match one day.


LOVE the show! Wondered the same thing as the Aussie dude did. NO, don't cut Clay ear to ear! Bad move for the club AND for the show! He's a Badass who can ensure Jax will stay on his toes as long as he knows Clay is out there!
IMO, I think YOU(K.Sutter)need to take more of a part in the club Kurt! You're one hell of an actor AND you'd be a definate asset to the club! Get Otto out of jail and put him at the Redwood table!!!


ok guys, i realise this post is probably in the wrong place, but well, i did my best. I have a few questions and am hoping that you would be able to help me out. Firstly, i am from Australia, so yeah we are a little (LOT) behind here. Sooo, why is Jax the only member who has the SAMCRO patch on his Cut? we call the "Colours" here. How did jax get to be V.P ? and what happened to Able's Mum ? Thanks


Why didn't they just have Tara wake up after 'dreaming' the actual bust went down and the Sons were all killed or arrested. The whole season could have been a bad dream and they could have tried again next year.


cant wait for season 5 to start. found out that SOA has been signed on for season 5. Best show on tv, I have become a huge fan and have alot of the clothing aswell. I


hope jax cutts clays throat wide open so i can watch him bleed what goes around cums around time to go clay yah


I just hope we aren't waiting another year and a half for it to start up again after Season 4-Part 2!!!