Callie and Arizona go at it in this sneak peek from "Start Me Up" ... and not in a good way.

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Az leaving Callie behind was an unselfish act 'coz she wanted Callie to be happy, Callie sleeping with Mark to make herself feel better & especially getting pregnant is very selfish.Then again that's how Callie deals with things, by getting into someone else's underpants all the time.I wish the story line showed that Callie is committed to Az for a change. Callie keeps blaming Az for something she's guilty of herself, she should make her mind up who she's happier with Mark or Az, men or women ?Come on getting sick of it...


callie is so pregnant! she was "1oo% certain" that arizona would hurt her again if she lets her back in because she had been "cranky" for a week and she just left. the only bump, a major one, in their relationship is the baby thing. the africa thing is another but yeah, well that's why we have this storyline now. the sloan thing was not a bump but if it is, it's unlikely callie would ask arizona for a menage a


i really cannot tell if callie is pregnant, i hope not because there's enough drama with calzona! everyone knows she will be though :( grrrrrr.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Episode 12 Quotes

My lack of interest in seeing you is not a strategy. I'm not playing hard to get. I don't want to see you because I turned my life upside down for you and you walked away because for a week I was cranky. You're untrustworthy, so I don't want to see you. You're self-centered, so I don't want to see you. I am a hundred percent certain that if I let you back in my life again you will hurt me again, so I don't want to see you. This isn't a ploy. I'm not pouting. I don't want you in my life. Get your crap out of my apartment.


First year med students. Too dumb to find the toilet.


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