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Callie: You want a second chance?
Arizona: Yes. I'll do anything.
Callie: Today I found out that I'm pregnant. With Mark's baby. How about now.

It's all anybody wants, right? Clean slate. A new beginning. Like that's gonna be any easier. Ask the guy pushing the boulder up the hill. Nothing's easy about starting over. Nothing at all.


I bail. Ok? When things get hard, I walk away.


Meredith: I used to be hardcore, now I'm softcore.
Derek: Did we just start talking about porn?

Arizona: What the hell do I have to cop to to make her give me another chance?
Sloan: You bail. When things get hard, you bail.

Life and death decisions wasn't part of our deal.


I'd choose her over you in the divorce. You know that, right?


Ok, I'm not dating a nurse. We're not dating, but we're having fun. I look at him and he's pretty, but there's no future.

Dr. Bailey

Dr. Bailey: I think you're dirty. That's what I think.
Eli: You want to be dirty with me?

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