The doctors on Grey's Anatomy all gather around and tend to a patient in critical condition in this clip. That patient is Meredith.
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We know that Roy Harper is coming back to Arrow Season 4 Episode 12, but now we know why. Take a look at this clip from the hour to see for yourself.
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Caroline and Alaric bond over parenting in this clip from The Vampire Diaries. It's a very sweet scene. Check it out now!
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AMC has given to us an early Valentine. With lotsa love, they've dropped the first four minutes of The Walking Dead Season 6 midseason premiere. Watch now!
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For those of you who care about this sort of thing, Damon and Elena have sex in this Vampire Diaries clip. Slow motion style!
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A moving scene from the eighth season finale of NCIS. Franks is laid to rest and Gibbs' woodwork is finally revealed.
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Hayden stalks Vivien in this violent scene from "Rubber Man." Warning: it's not for the faint of heart.
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This NCIS: Los Angeles season finale scene has created quite the uproar. Do you think it was inappropriate?
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The Originals will finally return on Friday, January 29. Check out this exclusive sneak peek to see what is happening between Vincent and Tristan.
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Dan and Blair get it on in the elevator in "Con Heir." Watch their elevator sex scene in all its glory here.
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Damon wakes up in the past in this clip from The Vampire Diaries. He also receives troubling news from Stefan.
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Klaus and Hayley in a HOT scene from the March 14, 2013 episode of TVD, "Bring It On."
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