Taylor Momsen does an interview on "This Morning," with some interesting clips from the finale ...

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@ Melissa Have you ever been to the UK? I guess not, because if you had you wouldn't be so narrow minded and completely ignorant. Oh and I do think Taylor is very pretty but try's way to hard to be different and I'm sorry she has no class whatsoever.


Wash off all her makeup and she's just one too skinny whiffet


Melissa.. ;D WTH?? Calm down.. Serena is a loser but Blake is not. And she or Leighton are really beautiful. Tey get into Top Hottiest/ Top beautiful listis and Taylor? She's not even pretty


I love Taylor Momsen!!!!! She is really cool and bice and it's not like you people never swear! Jenny is much classier that that bitch Serena!!! And you people are so fussy! It's not like english people are classy! They are all tinkers!!!! And prostitutes on drugs! So don't be mean to Taylor cause she is way prettier and cooler than all of you losers who make out with your cats and watch ghost whisperer!!!!! Go Jenny/Taylor and fans!!!!!!!


she just doesn't look good in any way...she has extremely much make-up in her face and she is ugly...


wow she is just full of class


Well done Taylor, swearing on TV, you're now cool :\


of COURSE she swore in her interview on national tv in england... so clASSy.


No Chenny sex!!!! :D

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