The Filthy Youth

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Here's Ed Westwick performing with his band, The Filthy Youth. Who knew Chuck Bass was so talented?

wowzee wow. Ed is soooooooo hot!
wish i lived in New York or wherever he is in england


Ha I love how he's the lead singer with no insrument, but milking the alcoholic beverage and cigi. What a classy lad. I do enjoy it.


ed westwick
great voice
great band
great face
great body
great accent
great show
great character yeah i just loveeee ed westwick yeah and chuck bass all the way ;)


you playing in stevenage again any time?


this band is great. not only because ed westwick,s in it! i love their sound, kinda 80's punk sounding.


filthy youth is amazing ed westwick is sexyyy


i adore this band.
i hope you tour the U.S.
hope to see you in Indiana as well :)


i no! ed gives the hot vibe all over the shop, is it true he's english? who else is so proud of our hot english boys....alex pettifer....robert patterson..well done boys, well done. x


ED is soooooo HOT!!!!!! in luv wit him! wat da fuck i want CHUCK!!!!....


me+filthy youth=loveeeeeeee
i love this band so muchhhhhhhhhh

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