The Vampire Diaries Promo - "No Exit"

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The Vampire Diaries returns with a new episode on February 27. Watch a promo for "No Exit" now.
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please, please kill Katherine for good, the show is all about her now... it's not called "The ruthless bitch diaries"... we've already seen the storyline where she lures Stefan and Damon is left with nothing. time to move on


Stefan will figure out the Kat/Elena switch I'm thinking pretty fast he's always been able to figure out which was which.
Damon that doctor don't get it he's a dead man walking Damon will have him for breakfast!! These experiments will back firer I cannot wait until he's dead as in turned! Revenge is sweet what's the best thing to do when your a vamp hunter or vamp hater? Sweetest thing you can do is turn them lock them away with only 1/4th of a cup of blood to keep them alive or hook them to a vervin blood supply then TORCHER them AMBUSH THEM THATS THE BEST


finally!!! someone who really thinks !!!!
Julie & Co destroyed Damon`s characther in 5 ep after they have ,,shaped,, over 4 season on the ideea that everyone cant change, became a better person when meets the true love. Damon has change, evolved over the 4 season, learn to be human but in the same time to accept the dark side of his. I really do not think (like in real life) a person after reaching to have his true love and reaching to HAVE and CARE about family and friends, after he BOND and SAVE soooooo many times OVER and OVER AGAIN EVERYONE in this journey IN THE SAME TIME TO DO AND HIDE doings like killing people !!! I dont bite that!!! It`s not REAL, not sustainable !!! and then RIGHT IN THE MOMENT when his true love reject him Damon became the characther from the beginning, even worse !
I (like a person, not like a tv shhiper) trully belive that the sweet love it`s one BUT the TRUE LOVE it`s the love who deeply, trully change a person inside. And I think Damon has changed and ONLY for the rating Julie & Co have plot Damon in this way BUT they did this badly
I understand even the plot Kat/Elena changing the body BUT I dont bite the fact that nobody realized that ... not even Caroline (the most cerebral character on the show) IN THAT MOMENT with the secret hear by Tyler because of Elena !!!
I think when you have realtionships like in this show, with all the close persons around .... like a big family .... you get to feel the person next to you not only to intreact !!! Again it not real, sustainable
For me this show is done ... beacause it became too commerciale and unreal ! sorry, really sorry!
sorry for my English but I am from Europe and it`s not my natural language

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The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

The bad news is that when this happened to Jesse we had to kill him, the good news is… well… there's normally good news.

You are not turning Damon's roosting chickens into a Stefan Salvatore guilt trip.