The Vampire Diaries Review: Starving for Suspense

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Remember when Damon and Elena had sex for the first time?

Of course you do. Who forgets hot Delena sex?

Do you also remember how Stefan and Caroline sat around, compared recent clues and determined that Elena was sired to Damon and that's how the installment ended?

Fast forward to The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 14 and... yup. Sound familiar?

It's been a complaint for awhile now that TVD is growing a bit stale, that storylines are being recycled (the love triangle, Katherine on the verge of death). But whether the writers realized it or not, they literally copied an exact scene from a previous season this week.

I wouldn't pick this nit if it weren't symbolic of the state The Vampire Diaries is in overall. There's no forward momentum, the stakes feel miniscule.

Were you on the edge of your seat at any point during "No Exit?" Did you think there was any chance Stefan would kill Damon or Damon would kill Elena Katherine?

We knew from the moment Katherine inhabited Elena's body that she would eventually be found out. What other alternative possibly existed? So we've been waiting and waiting and waiting for that moment for weeks and that's exactly what tonight's episode felt like.

The waiting game. And as Homer Simpson once remarked, the waiting game sucks (let's play Hungry Hungry Hippos!).

It was simply a boring hour of television, there's not much to analyze. Tyler can't forgive Caroline for sleeping with the guy who killed his mother? Makes sense, didn't think he would.

Stefan came to the rescue of a troubled, dark Damon? We've seen that plenty of times before.

Matt pretended to get it on with Nadia in order to text Caroline and save Elena? Okay, that was pretty cool.

But the suspense level of The Vampire Diaries Season 5 in general is at an all-time low. Where's the crazy and exciting villain? Where's the sense that anything could happen at any time? Where's the cliffhanger that leaves you jaw in pain from hitting the floor so hard?

I don't want to bash the show. You can go back and read my Vampire Diaries reviews; no one has been a bigger fan since Day One. But we're going on five seasons now, it's understandable the writers would be out of ideas and there's simply little excitement being generated at this point.

(There was also, once again, absolutely no Bonnie. Wouldn't the series have been better off just letting her die instead of saving a character it has no use for?)

Questions the hour raised:

  • What does Dr. Wes want with Enzo?
  • Matt made his mom grilled cheese sandwiches? So that's where he perfected his Grill skills!
  • Hmmmm.... what should the Travelers have for a theme song?
  • Ummmm... how did Damon leave the house? If the Travelers had removed the spell when they took Enzo, couldn't he have just ran away when Stefan and Katherine arrived?
  • Seriously, how could everyone not have realized it's been Katherine this whole time?

Can the season be saved? I sincerely hope so. Am I being overly harsh? You tell me. Check out a promo for The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 15 and let's hear your honest take: 

Where do you stand on The Vampire Diaries these days?


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Agreed - there is no real sense of danger anymore with the main characters. We know that none of main characters are really going to die. I can't wait to see what they come up with to keep Katherine in the storyline. I mean...obviously Elena is coming what's going to happen to Katherine? Is yet another doppelganger going to show up? Yawn! Damon gets rejected again so he starts killing people..again. He goes after Elena's brother once again and somehow they are going to have her forgive him for it. Ugh.
Every episode doesn't have to be suspenseful.....but it would be nice if break out of the same cycles.


It was very good episode maybe it was a little predictable but so what ,I was very excited to watch it.
Damon and Enzo friendship is AMAZING , this episode showed how their friendship is very strong and that nothing can break it .
Kathrine want to get rid of Damon by letting Stefan kill him smart but I surprised how Damon figure that out,now he's gonna think that Elena not just don't love him but she also wants him dead ,poor Damon.
Stefan and Caroline put the pieces together ,those two can be a really good detective team .
Nadia :she looks like are going to die the next episode and still one thing I don't get it WHERE IS NADIA'S CHILD because she must had one or Elena won't be exist ,and if the motherhood is so important for her how she didn't say any thing about that like how to be a mum or some thing, right ?????


*it* not 'kr'... Silly, iPhone. :)


I thought the episode was much better than 1 star. Not every episode can be fast paced with a big bad villian after them! And right after Enzo and Damon were locked in the house, Enzo mentioned that they could just wait out the spell, that kr wouldn't last forever. The issue came, because Damon needed to feed before it would be broken. So it stands to reason, that after Stefan broke Damon's neck, they waited until the spell was over and they were free to leave (which probably wasn't much longer, Damon had already been inside ALL day!)


I have only one thing to say, as the review covers my opinion - the only interesting thing at the moment in the show for me is MATT!!! I'm pleasantly surprised that he's given more screen time,it was about time (4 years) and he's the smartest one at the moment. Bring more MATT please :D

@ leele

agreed I want more MATT too


I completely disagree with the review. I thought is was a very good episode. There was good character development (eg Enzo) and there were some very honest conversations between certain characters that were very well executed. Matt and nadia, Stefan and Caroline, Damon and Stefan, Caroline and Tyler all had some great moments. I also liked it because I felt like everyone behaved more in character. The downside was the absence of Bonnie and Jeremy (yet again!) and that it took them so long to figure out that Elena was Katherine. I'm looking forward to next week. Hoping that they can bring Elena back.

Sarah silva
@ Fran

I agree this was a good episode.
I think in the Mystic Falls timeline it was really did not take that long for Stefan to piece it together. It seems like longer due to the break the show had during the Olympics but it was really just 3 episodes well 2 as Katherine took over Elena's body near the end of that episode.


I disagree with you. I think one thing that this show does is that it ALWAYS tries to have a big bad and a cliff hanger. That is why it becomes predictable. Sometimes it tries to move too fast. Season one was great because the episode cliff hangers were subtle, there was dialogue, a slow build up etc. until the big cliff hanger at the end. The show isn't making sense this year because it's story line/character arcs last just a couple of episodes, the writers change the characters depending on what they want for that episode and shock value and have lost staying true to it's story. It needs to remember that it's ok to put story and character above shock value and people will want to watch. I tend to like the episodes written by Brian Young. He seems to be better with dialogue. The Silas storyline was boring too me, however, I really liked the body swap with E and K and Damon's angst, but the writers pushed it too far and too quickly without staying true to some of the character development of the past - i.e. Damon could have had his angst and downfall, but immediately putting Jeremy's life at risk was pushing it for me - it didn't stay true to what the writers were trying to do with their relationship up to that point - shock over character. Imagine if the writer's played with Damon's struggle with this. It would have been a better story, would have been more emotional and would have made more sense to the viewers - unless Damon had flipped his switch off, but the writers didn't explain that at all in the episode. The writers just need to not try to put so much into one season and one episode! The triangle is getting old. The chemistry between Damon and Elena and their story line is more exciting. The writers should move away from the triangle and make Damon and Elena a force together, a powerhouse couple - This allows for some intense scenes between them and also allows Stefan to get his own story and excitement, because I like Paul Wesley, I want better for him.
I guess my opinion is the writers need to calm down and stick to the story and the characters they have developed over 5 years and not change history and character just to suit their need for one episode or the new arc they are trying to showcase. At this point I am only watching the show for Ian Somerhalder.
Sorry for rambling, but I feel better now ;)

@ Meg

Sorry for some of the grammar errors, I typed fast - I do know the difference between too and to, etc. ;)


I didn't think the episode was all that bad. They can't all end with cliff hangers. And isn't there some sort of new villain on the way? It's kind of refreshing to not ALWAYS have a big bad on the show. Sometimes it's nice to focus on other things. Stefan knew Elena was acting a little weird and Caroline got that text from Matt, so it doesn't seem that far-fetched to me that they would figure it out together. I'm curious about whether Nadia is going to die now or not. I don't really care if she does, but saving her would have to mean another visit from Klaus... and I would be totally fine with that. Though I don't see why he would save her. But here's to hoping! And I hope now that they all know, that there's a way to get Katherine out of Elena's body for good!

Sarah silva

Wow! I liked this episode! Way more than 1 star!
I have wanting Elena and Stephan to get back together for a long time but it is not Elena it is Katherine and I found myself talking to the tv and telling Stephan NOOOO, when he was kissing her.
One thing I did not get was how did Stephan and Katherine get Damon out of the house, when she entered and Damon tried to push her out the door she was trapped in the house. Was the barrier broken when Stephan snapped his neck?
I loved that Stefan put together that Katherine is in Elena's body.
So who will cure Nadia now that she has been bitten by Tyler?

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

Me too ,at Stefan and Elena kiss scene I was saying no no no she's not Elena ,Stefan stop stop


You know this whole cannibal vampire story would have been way better is perfect little Caroline got infected. I love her but it would have been cool to see her go off the rails since she is soooo good at self control. Stefan cares for her and would def save her and Kathlena would still have to pretend to care. Idk just something I was thinking about.....

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