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A sneak preview of "Yours, Mine and Ours," the season finale of Private Practice.

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Private Practice Finale Promo

Ready to say goodbye to Private Practice? This is a trailer for the ABC drama's series finale.

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Addison gets ambushed in the worst way possible this week. Watch the ABC preview, as Henry's birth mother is back in the picture.

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Reality TV comes to Private Practice on this unique episode. See what we mean in the official preview.

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What should Sam tell Stephanie about his past? That's the question at the center of this Private Practice clip?

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hi addi you're such a good person and i just want to be like you but i know it is impossible because you are one in a million i'm your no.1 fan you can expect that i will continue watching private practice keep up the good work!


hi i love addie and noah they are perfect for each other.. pls.. give addie her hunky man.. she deserves to be happy like derek hes gonna be married so why cant she?? she should be married too with the great good guy.. give her happiness she deserves it!! so pls.. shonda could you give addie her man?? thanks....

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