American Idol Flashback: The First Season

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American Idol Flashback: The First Season
What's your American Idol memory like?

If you've been following it since its debut season, you may remember the top two competitors (who doesn't), but what about the other finalists? As the show enters its sixth season this winter, the number of American Idol stars to enter (and fade from) the limelight grows.

Here's a little trivia for you. Try to remember the finalists from the first season. They're listed below, so no cheating. Here's are some small hints -- and a little bit of trivia at the same time -- there were only 10, not the show's now-standard dozen, and there are a lot of "J's."

We will list them in alphabetical order, in case anyone's watching the Idol recaps and wants to preserve some sense of suspense...

Nikki McKibbin
  1. Christina Christian
  2. Kelly Clarkson
  3. E Jay Day
  4. A.J. Gil
  5. Tamyra Gray
  6. Justin Guarini
  7. RJ Helton
  8. Nikki McKibbin (right)
  9. Ryan Starr
  10. Jim Verraros

Note that Ryan Starr is not the same person, or even the same gender, as this year's Rock Star: Supernova contestant. How did you do? We admit to having looked a few of these people up, too.

What a great show!

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