Carrie Underwood Interview: Reflections on Incredible Year

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Carrie Shines
Carrie Underwood has a magical 2006. Her album, Some Hearts, is breaking records on an almost weekly basis.

The American Idol beauty recently sat down for an interview with Reuters.

Q: What would you be doing now if you hadn't won American Idol?
A: I would have a job somewhere, maybe in the journalism field or maybe broadcasting or something like that, but I'm not exactly sure, because I never got to that point.

Q: Do you think you would have done what other aspiring country artists to, move to Nashville?
A: No. It's always something that I thought would be awesome to do, but I consider myself to be a very level-headed person and the chances of (succeeding that way) were slim to none. I was just planning on being in the real world and doing the best I could at my job. I probably wouldn't have pursued music much further at all.

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