Grey Chatter: Daddy Issues

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After a brief hiatus, Grey's Anatomy Insider's Seattle correspondent is back with her insightful "Grey Chatter" column. Here's her take on the drama and emotional turmoil that comprised "Six Days: Part I" ...


Grey Chatter: Daddy Issues

In this first part of a much-anticipated two-part saga, the interns pick up right where they left off. Izzie still hasn't deposited that darn check. George's dad is still waiting for surgery.

The passive-aggressive power struggle between Cristina and Burke rages on. And Meredith's dealing with some issues again, both with her father and with her boyfriend.

Meredith's dad is hanging around the hospital, waiting for news on his newborn granddaughter. This affects Meredith in ways she did not expect. She's trying to distance herself from her father and he just keeps popping into the picture.

Thatcher's obvious concern over his fragile granddaughter in the NICU has to contribute to the abandonment issues Meredith has.

George's dad is waiting for a surgery that results in no good news for his family. It's easy for George to put on a strong face for his family and even for his father. But the moment he sees his father after surgery, George practically collapses in tears, grasping Meredith's arm.

The two of them - Meredith and George - have a connection that is clearly seen in this exchange. They are both emotionally needy, normally blocking out people that would threaten their vulnerability. This is why they would have never worked as a couple. But now that their friendship seems to be heading in a good direction again, they "get" each other and can be there for each other.

George's father points out to George another person that always gets him - Callie. George may just be on his way to forgiving her. Their little dance party after inspecting George's dad's urine, followed by a quick kiss, might be enough to start breaking through the walls George has built.

Izzie's move to deposit the check is heartbreakingly hopeful. She's finally starting to live her life again, ready to scrub in on surgeries and get involved with patients. Maybe her newfound wealth will turn into something she'll use to help people. Maybe it will have something to do with the case of the girl with the curved spine whose insurance won't fund her $200,000 surgery.

Alex and Addison seem to be lighting the spark that has ignited between the two of them. Although, it seems there are underlying issues still to come to light between Addison and Mark. Maybe it will be enough to send Mark back to New York, or enough to keep Addison and Alex apart.

But one thing's for sure: the next part of this episode can only get better.

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