Sanjaya Malakar Lives to Sing Another Day; Brandon Rogers Voted Out

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Sanjaya Stays
We weren't surprised that Brandon Rogers went home last night. Starting the show, as he did Tuesday night, by forgetting lyrics and seeming generally bored is never a good sign. Brandon never seemed to capture the audience's heart.

The same certainly cannot be said for Sanjaya Malakar.

He was stuck in the bottom three contestants, but will return next week to anger the judges - along with any viewer that isn't tone deaf.

The final singer that was in danger of heading home was Phil Stacey. Again, hard to be shocked by this one. While a strong enough vocalist, Stacey lacks charisma ... and has a slightly frightening look that involves a bald head andwide, bug eyes.

But the man is safe for at least one more week. We'll see if he can rise up and threaten any of the finalists Tuesday night, similar to how Jordin Sparks did this week.

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