Judge Throws Out British Big Brother Libel Cae

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A British judge dismissed claims by a Big Brother 4 housemate that two publications libeled her by portraying her as a man posing as a woman.

Lisa Jeynes, who was in the 2003 reality show series, sued Love It! magazine and News of the World last year, seeking up to $300,000 in damages. Her complaint was with the headline "BB's Lisa 'the geezer.' My fake boobs fell out on date with James Hewitt!"

Jeynes, 38, contended that headline, against a backdrop of rumors that there would be a transsexual contestant, damaged her, the London Press Gazette reported Wednesday. However, attorneys for the publications argued in London's High Court that the case should be tossed because Jeynes' claim was "far-fetched" when the words were read in proper context.

The judge agreed.

"That would be to read far too much into those words," he said.

The judge refused to grant her permission to appeal the case, saying it was unlikely to be successful but she could take that step independently. Jeynes, who had been a shop manager and model but currently is living on benefits, faces court costs of about $13,500, the Press Gazette said.

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