Big Brother: The Pressure Cooker Returns! Who Won the Grueling All-Night Competition?

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Ever since Julie Chen announced a week ago that the popular Pressure Cooker competition from Big Brother Season 6 would make a comeback this week, fans have eagerly awaited its return.

At the close of Thursday's live eviction episode, the contestants buckled up for the competition.

Outgoing Head of Household, Felicia Cannon, was not eligible to compete.

Julie Chen Reintroduces the Pressure Cooker - Big Brother

By the 13-hour mark of the competition, America Lopez, Mecole "Meme" Hayes, and Cameron Hardin were still in the running to win.

It was a grueling night, and things took a turn when Mecole accidentally took her hand off the buzzer, taking the political consultant out of the game.

Mecole Hayes - Big Brother

Cameron, who had been on the block the previous two weeks, declared that he wasn't letting go of the buzzer because he had to keep himself safe.

While deals are usually struck to end competitions, Lopez continued to hold on... until her hand slipped, meaning Cameron won the crucial HOH competition.

We don't have facts about the timing, but it seems the competition came within minutes of overtaking the original competition from the reality TV hit's sixth season.

We're sure there will be plenty of action in the house as Cameron makes his nominations, but there's no telling whether production might hold the nominations ceremony and veto later than planned due to the length of the competition.

Cameron Hardin - Big Brother

It's unclear what Cameron will do at this stage, but given that two of the first three HOHs are no longer in the game, he'll understand that he needs to have a target in mind that will come after him quickly.

We'll be able to watch the competition play out on Sunday's episode on CBS, albeit it will be considerably condensed.

The live feeds were up most of the night for the first time in a long time.

Hopefully, the interest from fans will lead to more competitions that run the whole night.

Felicia Cannon - Big Brother

What are your thoughts on Cameron winning?

What's your take on the return of the Pressure Cooker?

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