American Idol Chatter: It's Jordin Sparks

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Blake Lewis seems like a really nice guy. And we have no doubt he'll succeed in the music business.

But viewers and critics around the country are in agreement, after last night's three performances, regarding who should be crowned American Idol: Jordin Sparks. Here's what many had to say after the show last night:

Jobs Well Done

Simon Cowell (to Jordin): You just wiped the floor with Blake.

USA Today: Jordin Sparks can handle a saccharine ballad with ease, and even threw in a little extra artificial sweetener by sobbing a bit to finish it up — but not before she had soared through the chorus and hit a crowd-pleasing glory note toward the end.

TV Guide: Jordin's slated for the big win. That's my story and I'm sticking with it! Jordin is my pick. After all, it is a singing competition.

People magazine (regarding the final song:) [Jordin] just stood there, opened her mouth and out came beautiful music colored with emotion. She somehow infused the song with radiance and strength.

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