Alison Sweeney Blogs About The Biggest Loser, Week Five

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Here's the latest blog from Alison Sweeney, courtesy of the official Days of Our Lives website:

Jamaica has been such an amazing experience. You really get to know people when you travel together! We stayed at this amazing resort, the Grand Lido, in Negril. It was so cool to go down to breakfast and run into the blue team coming from a work out or watch the black team working out on the beach.

Alison Sweeney Blogs About The Biggest Loser, Week Five

Also, because the Black Team got to enjoy massages thanks to winning the reward, Jillian had time to train me. When Jillian offered, I jumped at the chance. They are such smart trainers, I couldn’t miss my chance. But then, all morning, I was definitely nervous!I mean, come on… I’ve seen how she trains. She’s hard core. And I am definitely not the type to give up easily. And she said right from the beginning that she was going to push me to my limits. And she did.

After all we got all the work (and working out) out of the way, the evenings here are so much fun. Even though it was still super muggy – you just never stop sweating here – we all had fun activities planned. Corina, my Make-up Artist, brought her husband, so Dave and I went out with them to a local fish ‘shack’ and had delicious local cuisine.

And on the last night, Dave and I ate at the Japanese restaurant on the grounds of the Grand Lido. We found Jez at the Sushi bar (eating Sashimi), and shortly after that Nicole, Kae and Neil ate with Bob and Kim helped Phil, David, Amy pick out some yummy, healthy things from the menu.

After dinner we all headed out, looking to join the cast/crew having a farewell to “Paradise” evening… We found a few fun places to hang out. There was a cool nightclub where B, David, Amy, Dave and I danced for a while. Kim encouraged our mini dance-class from one of the local performers knowing how many calories we were burning without even knowing it!

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