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You've heard from our staff in the Grey's Anatomy Insider round table, and you've exchanged views with other fans via comments and forum discussions. Now it's time to read what writer Debora Cahn says about the most recent episode.

On the official writers blog, Cahn posted some thoughts on "Love/Addiction." Follow the link at the bottom for her full column. Excerpts appear below.


Addiction. Who doesn't love a good addiction? I do. You try something. You like it. You try it again. You build a little ritual around it, make it a special part of your day. You tell time by it. "Must be noon, cause I'm jonesing for another cup of English tea!" or "I know it's morning cause I'm awake and ready for a hit of crystal meth!"


See, here's the thing: anything can be addictive. And it's not always easy to spot when something slips down that slippery slope from experiment to habit to addiction. Derek and Meredith thought they'd ended it. Cold turkey. White knuckle. Over. So over. Well, it wasn't totally over.

MerDer Love or Hate?

There was a bit of a hang-over. A little no-strings-attached sex. Just for old times sake. No harm, no foul. But the thing is, there is harm. Derek doesn't like it. He wants to talk. He wants to sleep over. He wants lunch, with the woman he loved, or loves, or has some impossible to define love related interaction with. He's settling for just sex, cause that's all she's willing to indulge. But that's hurting him. It's just enough of the drug to keep him hooked. Never enough to satisfy him, only enough to make him want more. He knows it, too. But he can't walk away.

Love. It's like crystal meth.


Even Callie's strung out. Callie Torres, who always seemed stronger than the rest. More together. Less at the mercy of her emotions George's on-again, off-again commitment made her kind of nuts, but she always seemed like she was handling it. Now she's walking around the hospital like a crazy person. Falling down on the job, which she NEVER does. Unable to concentrate on anything other than the sneaking suspicion that her husband's having an affair. She knows it, in her heart she can't deny it.

That's a pretty serious drug.

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